Program and Curriculum Content

Grow to Know utilizes the Project Construct Curriculum. Project Construct is designed as an early childhood framework for curriculum and assessment and is closely linked to the state and national standards. The Project Construct approach to teaching states that “children actively construct their own knowledge and values as a result of interactions with the physical and social worlds.” It is a process oriented framework that supports the young child’s way of learning and provides tools for assessing their development. The curriculum is exciting, challenging, developmentally and age appropriate, but flexible and highly engaging. Thematic units will be taught through learning activities in groups and through individual and small group discovery play in learning centers: including, but not limited to, math/science, dramatic play, language, music and creative movement, construction, art and sensory play, and large and small motor development. Teachers will set up a stimulating learning environment that allows for choices and opportunities for child directed activities. There will be opportunities for learning about other cultures and languages.

Classroom learning will be enriched by outdoor experiences, visitors, and field trips. Specific plans for each unit will be designed and provided by each child’s teacher. Teachers will communicate with parents via calendars, notes and personal contact, newsletters, and email. Check your child’s backpack and cubbie daily.

Grow to Know Preschool will share openly the love of God, the joys of worship, and the spiritual truths that are the building blocks of faith. The programming and content of the school will carry out this theme in daily planning and teaching through stories, Bible verses and songs.

2021-2022 Handbook

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