The Growing Times – October 2020

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The Growing Times

October,  2020                                                                                             Volume 21, Number 10

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  Proverbs 22:6

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 Cell: 417-323-2051

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Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue to maneuver through 2020!  We are certainly swimming/drowning in unknown waters!  We continue to be in close contact the the Greene County Health Department for guidance and updates.  Thank you for your understanding, kind words, prayers, patience through all of this “stuff.”

GTK has several families that have faced a difficult time with COVID.  We have had several parents and family members test positive and several have lost their jobs.  The Martinez family has been especially hard hit with COVID.  Please lift the GTK families up in prayer.  Let’s be in prayer for each other. 

It’s easy to see the negative things about 2020.  However, I see blessings abounding as I look at the children at Grow to Know growing, learning, laughing, and loving, the staff that work tirelessly to teach, and the families that trust us with these precious children.  Look for the blessings and enjoy those sweet children. 


Grow to Know will be extending the holiday closure for 2020.  Grow to Know will be CLOSED:

            November 25-29 (Wednesday-Sunday) for the Thanksgiving holiday.

            December 24-January 1 for Christmas and New Year’s.

Tuition wil be prorated for November 23, 24 and December 21, 22, 23.  You will not be charged the week of December 27.

Due to COVID, we want to do a  deep cleaning and to give the staff some time to rest and reenergize for the new year.  If you have any questions, call the office. 


  • The B Door is locked from 9:00-4:00 each day.  The code to enter the B door is:  4177*.
  • There is hand sanitizor by the doors and on the check in/out desk. 
  • Keep your child home if he/she are not feeling well. 
  • We want everyone to stay healthy and it will take all of us working together. 


  • Through at least December:
    • Hours:  7:30-5:30. 
    • Drop-off/pick up will continue to be at the check in desk area.
      • Parents of infants/toddlers (Infants, Lavender, and Peach) will be allowed to take their children to the classroom.)
    • Temps will be taken at the door for staff and children.  (A child or staff member with a temp of 99.9 will not be allowed to enter.)
  •  Masks are required by adults as they enter the building. 
    • GTK staff are required to wear masks throughout the day. 
    • Handwashing is encouraged/required throughout the day.
  • Drop off backpacks, bedding, jackets, etc. in the child’s laundry baskets in the hallway. 
  •  GTK will not combine classes  in order to keep “stable groups” for the day. 
    • Keep your child home if you or your child is NOT feeling well. 
    • If you are waiting on COVID test results, keep your child home with you until you get the results.
    • If you have been tested for COVID, do NOT enter GTK. 
    • If you being tested or have tested positive, contact the office. 
  • GTK Class Closure
    • If  GTK cannot provide care due to a class closure, you will not be charged the weekly tuition. 
    • We will follow the Greene County Health Department guidelines on class closures and quarantine guidelines. 


The Martinez family is part of the Grow to Know family.  Emily graduated from GTK last year and is in kindergarten this year.  Miles attends GTK.  Melissa (mom), Jay (dad), and Miles tested positive for COVID.  Melissa and Miles are quarantined and improving.  Jay, however, needs lots of prayers.  Jay has been hospitalized for over a week and has been transferred to St. Lukes in Kansas City.  He is in the ICU on oxygen and a ventialator.  Both of his lungs have collapsed. 

Melissa’s update on Jay (with her permission). 

Daily update on Jay: we are in for the long haul, friends. The critical care doctor in charge of Jay’s care talked through what we should expect. She set the expectation that Jay could be in the ICU for weeks to months. She also set the expectation that he may not be home for several months as he recovers. For now, Jay does have a strep infection in his lungs on top of COVID. They are treating it with an antibiotic. He did have some worsening of symptoms and she had attributed this to the strep infection. He remains on life support and and in critical condition.

Melissa is so appreciative of your prayers and kind thoughts.  If you would like to donate to help the Martinez family with Miles’ tuition, contact the office. 


The office will be sending out statements to keep you updated on your tuition status.  End of the year statements will be sent out by the end of January. 

All unpaid balances MUST be made by December 23, 2020.  

The Missouri voters approved a new minimum wage law in 2018.  The minimum wage law is presently $9.45 per hour.  The minimum wage for 2021 will increase to $10.30 with an annual increase of $.85 an hour until the minimum wage is $12.00 an hour in 2023.  With that being said, tuition rates are being reviewed for 2021.  We will update you in the November Growing Times.


Last year each class participated in the making of the beautiful artwork in B hallway.  Our goal had been to update the artwork each year with the new classes.  A lot has happened in a year, but we are moving forward with the artwork.  Mrs. Angela Hunter (Peach 2 Classroom) has agreed to lead us in that endeavor.  We will be selling the pictures that are on the wall now….so stay tuned.  Then watch for the new artwork and prepare to be amazed. 


GTK has the following ways to communicate with families:

  • Class Dojo.
  • Grow to Know Facebook page

In order to get pertinent information, you must be signed up for Class Dojo or “Like” the GTK Facebook page.  If you need more information about Class Dojo or Facebook, let us know.


  • That GTK has a storm drill once a quarter?  During a strom drill/storm, we go to the church basement. 
  • That GTK has a monthly fire drill?  We are required to exit the building in less than 3 minutes. 
  • That the Kids’ Worship Space is being renovated? 
  • That Halloween costumes are NOT allowed at GTK?  We will have a pajama day on October 30. 
  • That the kitchen prepares the meals according the food program guidelines?
  • That school pictures are October 20-21?  We will send specific information when we get it. 


  • Hand Sanitizer
  • One more double stroller


The teachers get the contents of the “baskets” each morning and return things about 3:00 each afternoon.  Please label your child’s things as it’s difficult to remember whose jacket is whose. (We have also had several kids with the matching water bottles, jackets, etc.)   If you get something that doesn’t belong to your child, let us know and we will get it to the right child.  Thanks for your help!


Grow to Know will NOT be offering Grow to Know Kids this fall.  We will update  you as we make plans for the spring/summer.

Grow to Know Learning Pod Update

The Learning Pods are full at the present time.  The learning pod staff has worked very hard to assist the children on each of their assignments, the technology issues, and all that goes with it. Continue to pray for the pods and the staff as we maneuver this learning/teaching style.


  • Check out Schweitzer United Methodist Church at for more details on worship.     Schweitzer is having in person worship with programs for children on Sundays.  Check out the website/Facebook for worship times, including online worship,  programs, etc.  Schweitzer is studying the book of Colosians this fall.  (There is a daily devotion/study guide available.) 


  • Grow to Know Hours:  7:30-5:30.    You will charged $5.00 per minute after 5:30 PM.
  • Please call the office OR post on the GTK Facebook page if your child is going to be absent or will be arriving after 9:00.    (The kitchen staff does lunch counts starting at 9:00.)
  • A $15.00 late fee is applied to late payments and balances carried over.  If you have specific questions, contact the office. 
  • Grow to Know has a private Facebook page for the GTK families and staff, so “Like” us on Facebook.  Check out the Grow to Know website ( 
  • We bill on Mondays for the week. 

Bible Verse for October:  Give thanks to the Lord, for his is good; his love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1



20-21:  School pictures (Each class will be scheduled on a specific day.  If your child does not attend on that day, we will get his/her picture on the day he/she attends.)

30:  PJ Day.  (No Halloween costume)


3:  Learning Pod CLOSED

25, 26, 27:  GTK and Learning Pod CLOSED


23:  Learning Pod CLOSED

24, 25:  GTK and Learning Pod CLOSED

28-31: GTK and Learning Pod CLOSED



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