The Growing Times – July 2020

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Would you agree that the word for 2020 is “flexible”?  It’s been a crazy few months and we continue to work on keeping everyone safe as we follow the guidelines from the Greene County Health Department and follow licensing guidelines.  As we understand it, things will continue to be updated/revised for several months.  Stay tuned and thanks for your patience and understanding.  You will find the newest updates within this newsletter!

Grow to Know is required to have an annual licensing inspection which includes an inspection from the health department, the fire department, and the Missouri  Childcare (licensing) office.  As with many other things,  the onsite/internal inspection had been delayed due to COVID-19.  The inpsections from the fire marshal and the health department were completed pre-COVID-19.  The internal licensing inspection/audit is now scheduled for Monday, July 13.  At that time, the licensing agent will review the files (children and staff), inspect each classroom and the playgrounds, and review practices.  We have been reviewing files to make sure everything is in place.  (Teri has sent notifications of those needing information in the files.)  We will keep you updated. 


Grow to Know will do the following:

  • Until July 6:
    • Hours:  7:30-5:30
    • Drop-off/pick up will continue to be at the check in desk area
    • Temps will be taken at the door for staff and children
  • Beginning Monday, July 6:
    • Hours:  7:00-5:30
    • Parents will be allowed to drop off their child in the following manner:
      • Beginning at 7:00, drop off:
        • Infant:  In the Infant Room
        • Toddlers:  In the Peach Room
        • 2’s:  In the Green Room
        • 3’s and Sage:  In Kids Worship
        • Grow to Know Kids:  In the gym
      • About 8:00:
        • Classes will split out depending on staff/ratio
        • Check the WHITE BOARD by the office to see if your child’s class has moved to a different location. 
    • We will have staff checking children in from 7:00-8:15 so you don’t have to touch the check in screens.  After 8:15, you will have tocheck your child in/out via the tablet screen on the wall.  (If your fingerprint is not in the system, contact the office next week (June 29-July 3) to get your fingerprint to get into the center.)
    •   We will have hand sanitzer available and will clean the screens several times a day. 
    • We encourage adults to wear masks as they enter/exit the center, but it is not required at this point. 
    •  Pick-up will be in the following manner:          
      • Parents can check their child out throughout the day via the computer screen in the check in area.
      • There will be a staff member checking children out from 4:00-5:30. Parents will go get their child.  Check the WHITE BOARD by the office so you know where to find your child.
    • By closing at 5:30, we will  be abl to keep groups smaller in the classrooms.  (There is a chance we will continue closing at 5:30 for the forseeable future. Let me know if you have questions.)


  • At this time, there is no restriction on vacations or travel outside of the state.
  • Please be aware of other states’ numbers and make an informed decision on whether to travel to that state. Use the Health department or CDC website for more information.
  • Monitor your own health symptoms upon returning; if you feel sick, please stay home.
  • As a parent, if you are sick you might think about keeping you child home as well.


We are in the process of getting teachers moved into new classrooms.  Not everyone is moving into different classrooms, but several are moving.  It’s a domino effect—in order to move one classroom, you have to move something else.  We can’t wait for you to see the new classrooms!

You should have received your child’s class assignment for August.  If you have questions about the class assignment, call the office. 

Pre-K 2020 NEWS

The GTK Pre-K graduation celebraton for our graduates has been on hold.  We continue to hope we  can celebrate the graduates and their families at some point this summer.  At the time of this writing, the parks have limits on the number of people allowed in the park and Schweitzer has restrictions with numbers.  As things progress, we will certainly plan a party to celebrate. 


GTK has several ways to communicate with families:

  • Class Dojo
    • GTK/classroom teacher can send private messages to you.
    • GTK/classroom teacher can send class messages to you.
    • GTK can send all center announcements/notices.
  • Facebook
    • “Like” us at Grow to Know Preschool.  It is a private page with the GTK families.
    • For the school age….”Like”  GTK Kids (School Age).  If you have a child in Grow to Know Kids, join this page.  We will post announcements/news/updates regarding the school age on this page. 
  • Grow to Know website @

It is very important that you are on Dojo or Facebook so we are able to keep you informed.  Call the office if you have any questions.


Remember the beautiful art work in the B hallway?  The artwork that each class worked on last fall?  The artwork that goes with Bible verses?   As you walk in B hallway, check out the pictures again. 

The plan had been to sell the precious artwork and put new pictures up each fall.  The money raised from the art would be used for various projects at GTK.  One of the projects we are  looking into is a playground update.  New equipment/ground cover is very expensive, but we would like to start a fund.  Another project is to update some of the GTK equipment, such as the trikes, gym equipment, etc. 

Watch for more information as we move forward with the art sale and projects. 


Grow to Know AND Grow to Know Kids will be CLOSED on Friday, July 31, to allow the Grow to Know staff a day for professional learning. 


  • GTK will have VBS the week of July 27.  Schweitzter is NOT having VBS on site but, within neighborhoods.  Schweitzer will provide the supplies, lessons, etc., for VBS if you want to host VBS in your neighborhood.    GTK  will host VBS  at GTK the week of July 27. 


  • That Miss Molly does a cooking class with the preschoolers each week during the summer?  They have made such things as krispie treats, lavender tea, and peach smoothies. 
  • That Myra Dickensheet, from the Greene County Extension Center,  teaches a class once a week to Grow to Know Kids?  The class covers topics such as hand washing, eating healthy, etc. 
  • That Miss Molly takes the science cart to each preschool class on a weekly basis during the summer?  That have had lessons on habitats, growing/gardening, etc. 
  • That GTK has several gardens?  We have two garden plots in the Schweitzer garden and we have some plants growing in an enclosed area next to the Purple Room.  We have herbs growing that Ms. Shannon uses in the meals she prepares. 
  • That Ms. Shannon cooks with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables?  She is posting the weekly menu on FB each week….check out the yummy things she prepares. 


Grow to Know Kids is using Pro-Care for signing up online!  You MUST reserve AND pay in advance.  The steps are listed on the GTK Facebook page OR call the office for more information.

  • Grow to Know Kids is available for school age children Kindergarten-4th grade.  The cost is $110.00 per week. 
  • GTK Kids is WEEKLY through the summer.  You can sign up on Pro-Care and can cancel your reservations 1 business day in advance. 
  • Grow to Know Kids is available throughout the summer. 
  • Grow to Know Kids is licensed for 50 school age children. 
  • Grow to Know Kids will be CLOSED on the following days:
    • Friday, July 3, 2020
    • Friday, July 31, 2020 (Grow to Know Professional Learning for staff)
    • Friday, August 14 is the last day for Grow to Know Kids.
  • We will try to schedule some field trips in July.  Watch for more information.


  • Check out Schweitzer United Methodist Church at for more details on worship.  Schweitzer has started in person worship.    Check out the website/Facebook for updates/guidelines.
  • Vacation Bible School is a “block party VBS” this year.  Contact Nina if you are interested in hosting VBS on your block. 


  • Grow to Know Hours:  We will continue 7:00-5:30 until further notice. You will be charged a $1.00 a minute after 5:30 PM.  (Beginning August 17, 2020, you will charged $5.00 per minute after 5:30 PM.)
  • Please call the office OR post on the GTK Facebook page if your child is going to be absent or will be arriving after 9:00.    (The kitchen staff does lunch counts starting at 9:00.)
  • A $15.00 late fee is applied to late payments and balances carried over.  If you have specific questions, contact the office. 
  • Grow to Know has a private Facebook page for the GTK families and staff, so “Like” us on Facebook.  Check out the Grow to Know website ( 
  • We bill on Mondays for the week. 

Bible Verse for July:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6


27-30:  VBS at GTK

13:  Meet the Teacher/Back to School Bash
17:  First Day of School

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