The Growing Times – June 2020

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WOW!  Grow to Know has THE best families!  Your patience, understanding, and kind words during all of this craziness means the world to us.  We realize it has been frustrating, scary, and a million other emotions for you and your family, but you stood by us, prayed for us, and kept up with everything as things changed on an almost daily basis!  Thank you! 

We will continue to communicate the changes to you as they come down from the state licensing agency, the Greene County Health Department and the CDC.

We want to wish Mrs. Amy Burwell (Blue Room) in her retirement from GTK. (Her last day is Friday, May 29, 2020.)  Mrs. Amy has been at Grow to Know for 20 years.  In fact, she was at GTK when the doors opened!  She promises she won’t be a stranger to GTK.  Mrs. Laura Heavin (Mrs. Amy’s aide) is also retiring on Friday, May 29.  Mrs. Laura has been at GTK for about 8 years.  She wants to spend more time with her children and grandchildren.  If you know Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Laura, you are welcome and encouraged to send them each a card.  (We will be glad to deliver the cards to her!) We wish her the very best! 

Graduation is a bittersweet time at GTK.  Our Pre-K students move on to Kindergarten.  It’s hard on us to see them leave.  This year seemed especially hard as this group were our “first babies.”  We started the infant/toddler class with this group of children.  We hope and pray they will be successful in school and come to visit.  Then we have LOTS of college graduates that are moving into the “real” world.  We are so proud of them and wish them only the best and thank them for their love and time at GTK.  We had a graduation parade for the college graduates which was super fun!!!

Thanks for sharing your sweet children with us.  We are so glad to be back sharing the love and the laughter. 

Grow to Know (and Grow to Know Kids) will be CLOSED on Monday, May 25 for Memorial Day.   


Based on the guidelines from the Greene County Health Department, the following guidelines are required/recommended:

  • “Stable” groups of 25 or less. 
  • Monitor temperatures
  • Minimize the number of people in the building

Grow to Know will continue to do the following:

  • Hours: 8:00-5:00. 

In order to minimize the number of people in the building, including staff, we will continue to be open from 8:00-5:00. In addition we are keeping “stable” groups of 25 or less, which means we won’t have enough staff to open from 7:00-6:00.  With stable groups of 25 or less, we aren’t able to combine in the gym, in Kids Worship, etc. 

  • We will continue the car line to minimize the number of individuals in the building.
  • We will take temps when the child comes into the building.  If the child has a temp of 99.9, we will quarantine your child and you MUST come get your child.

At the time of this writing, we are hoping to open for our “regular” day on Monday, June 15. “Regular” day means being open from 7:00-6:00 and NO car line.   (Of course, that may change and we will keep you updated.)


Grow to Know will be adding a new 2 year old class in the new school year.  The July Growing Times will have more details. 


GTK has several ways to communicate with families:

  • Class Dojo
    • GTK/classroom teacher can send private messages to you.
    • GTK/classroom teacher can send class messages to you.
    • GTK can send all center announcements/notices.
  • Facebook
    • “Like” us at Grow to Know Preschool.  It is a private page with the GTK families.
    • For the school age….”Like”  GTK Kids (School Age).  If you have a child in Grow to Know Kids, join this page.  We will post announcements/news/updates regarding the school age on this page. 
  • Grow to Know website @

It is very important that you are on Dojo or Facebook so we are able to keep you informed.  Call the office if you have any questions.


Grow to Know will be CLOSED on Friday, July 31, to allow the Grow to Know staff a day for professional learning. 


The Run for the Son has been cancelled for 2020.  We are tentatively planning the Run for the Son in the spring of 2021. 


  • GTK is planning to schedule a Pre-K celebration during the summer.  Perhaps a family picnic in July?!  Watch for more information.
  • Information, including class placement, for fall 2020 will be coming out soon. We hope to have it ready by June 15.  The new school year will begin on Monday, August 17, 2020. 


  • That GTK renovated 5 classrooms while we were closed in March/April?    The Infant Room, Peach Room, Lavender, Teal Room and office have been painted and have new floors.  Thank you to the Schweitzer Maintenance team for working double time to get everything done while we were closed. 
  • That we offer care for school age children in the summer? 
  • That we require a “sunscreen” permission form?  We ask that you apply sunscreen in the AM and we will reapply sunscreen in the PM.  However, we need you to complete the form giving us permission to apply the sunscreen. 


Grow to Know Kids is using Pro-Care for signing up online!  You MUST reserve AND pay in advance.  The steps are listed on the GTK Facebook page OR call the office for more information.

  • Grow to Know Kids is available for school age children Kindergarten-4th grade.  The cost is $110.00 per week. 
  • GTK Kids is WEEKLY through the summer.  You can sign up on Pro-Care and can cancel your reservations 1 business day in advance. 
  • Grow to Know Kids is available throughout the summer. 
  • Grow to Know Kids is licensed for 50 school age children. 
  • Grow to Know Kids will be CLOSED on the following days:
    • Monday, May 25, 2020
    • Friday, July 3, 2020
    • Friday, July 31, 2020 (Grow to Know Professional Learning for staff)
    • Friday, August 14 is the last day for Grow to Know Kids.

GROW TO KNOW KIDS ACTIVITY FEE:  Grow to Know Kids has lots of fun things planned for the remainder of the summer and throughout the year.   Beginning June 1, you will be charged a $25.00 annual activity fee per child.  The fee will help offset the cost of field trips, projects, etc. 


  • Check out Schweitzer United Methodist Church at for more details on worship.  At the present time, the service is online.  Check out the website/Facebook for updates. 
  • Schweitzer has some online classes.  Check out the website for details.    
  • Vacation Bible School is a “block party VBS” this year.  Contact Nina if you are interested in hosting VBS on your block. 


  • Grow to Know Hours:  We will continue 8:00-5:00 until further notice. You will be charged a $1.00 a minute after 5:00 PM.  (Beginning August 17, 2020, you will charged $5.00 per minute after 6:00 PM.)
  • Please call the office OR post on the GTK Facebook page if your child is going to be absent or will be arriving after 9:00.    (The kitchen staff does lunch counts starting at 9:00.)
  • A $15.00 late fee is applied to late payments and balances carried over.  If you have specific questions, contact the office. 
  • Grow to Know has a private Facebook page for the GTK families and staff, so “Like” us on Facebook.  Check out the Grow to Know website ( 
  • We bill on Mondays for the week. 

Bible Verse for June:  Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I call to you all day long.  Psalm 86:3

CALENDAR OF EVENTS:  (The calendar has been cleared of events for the time being.  We will update you with events.)



13:  Meet the Teacher/Back to School Bash
17:  First Day of School

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