The Growing Times – April/May 2020

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News from Jane:

As you are well aware, this wasn’t the plan for March/April/May at Grow to Know.  We were busy planning the spring activities, summer themes, and fall classes/fun.  So needless to say, we stopped all of that, and went right into crisis mode.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we maneuvered through the mess.  Things are continuing to change on a daily basis so I ask for continued patience as we move forward.  Crystal and I will do our best to update you on everything, but please know THINGS CHANGE!  We are in communication with the Greene County Health Department to help guide us.  Prayers are appreciated!


The plan is to open on May 4.  IMPORTANT:  We have made several changes to accommodate the health department guidelines and to keep everyone safe.  The guidelines will be reviewed and updated/changed frequently. 

  • Hours:  8:00-5:00 
    • These hours will be in effect from May 4-May 15…possibly longer. 
    • This is to minimize the need for extra staff.  
  • Drop-off will be a car line drop off:   
    • Children will be greeted/picked up at Door C from 8:00-8:30. You will NOT be allowed to walk into the building. 
      • We are required to minimize the number of people in the building.
    • Car line drop off will be in effect from 8:00-8:30.  After 8:30, call the GTK cell phone and someone will meet you at Door B. 
  • We will take your child’s temperature in the car line.   If your child’s temperature is at 99.9 or above, your child will not be allowed to stay. (The staff will also have their temperature taken each day upon arrival to work.)
  • In order to comply with the Greene County Health Department, the classes will have 10 children + two teachers. 
    • Your child will be walked to their classroom.
    • The classes will meet in their classroom. 
    • Each class will remain separated throughout the day.
  • Door B will remain locked throughout the day.  If you need to pick up your child during the day, call the school cell phone and we will meet you at the Door B. 
  • Pick-up: 
    • We will bring your child to you at DOOR C when you arrive to pick up. 
    • If you call ahead, we will have your child ready to go. 
  • We may have to adjust “the plan” as it unfolds…so stay tuned. 


Typically, spring in a Pre-K class is a BIG deal!  There is graduation, field trips, touring Pittman Elementary School, and lots of fun activities as the teachers bring the final year of preschool to a close.   However, this year is VERY different. 

Based on the survey we sent out, the number of Pre-K children returning to GTK is very small. 

With so few Pre-K children returning in May, we have decided to “graduate” the Pre-K students.  If your child is going to kindergarten in August, he/she can enroll in Grow to Know Kids (school age program).  We will have one Pre-K class for those children that are not planning to attend kindergarten in the fall. 

We are hoping to have a Pre-K 2020 Celebration at some point during the summer to bring everyone together, celebrate graduation, and have fun together.  It is certainly a very bittersweet time so stay tuned for a BIG celebration. 

If your child is going into Kindergarten in August and you need childcare, register him/her in Grow to Know Kids on Pro-Care.  We think that Grow to Know Kids will fill quickly (we are licensed for 50), so make your reservations ASAP.  Call if you have questions. 


Amy Burwell from the Blue Room is retiring! (Another bittersweet moment!)  Ms. Amy has been at GTK since the doors opened 20 years ago! She will be greatly missed and it’s hard to imagine a school year without Ms. Amy. Ms. Amy has helped in many ways at GTK with curriculum writing/organization, Move-it Mondays, and a huge advocate for reading.  She is helping us with Grow to Know Kids and we are hoping she stops by often to check on us and maybe read a book or two.   Enjoy your retirement, Ms. Amy. 

Laura Heavin is also retiring.  Ms. Laura has been the teacher aide in the Blue Room.  Ms. Laura is affectionately known as the “bag lady” as she brings so many treasures from home to share with her Blue Room friends.  Ms. Laura will greatly missed and she is always welcome to come visit! 


The Infant, Peach, Lavender, and Teal Rooms were scheduled for renovation (new paint and floor) in May.  When we left GTK in March, we were told that everything was on hold as we didn’t know what the future would look like.  We understood, but were disappointed. 

I am thrilled to announce that a lot of people came together to get the renovation complete in those classrooms while we were away.  It was a TOTAL surprise to the teachers and so fun to see their faces.  We owe a huge thanks to Mary Decker in the church financial office that made sure the money was there to get it complete, Gary Lewis and his maintenance staff for working tirelessly these last few weeks to get the rooms painted, cleaned, and ready to go.   Thank you, Schweitzer! 


Class lists for the fall will NOT be available until June at the earliest. 

  • The first day of the new school year will be on Monday, August 17.
  • We are planning to have Meet the Teacher/Back to School Bash on Thursday, August 13 from 5:00-6:30.  You can:
    • Meet your child’s teacher, see the classroom, and drop off supplies.
    • Meet other GTK parents.
    • Join us in the gym for a quick dinner.
    • Shop at the book fair.
    • Buy a book or two for your child’s classroom.

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